Top Aesthetic Devices Companies APAC

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Top Aesthetic Devices Companies APAC

The recent advancements in dermatology have transformed clinical practices. The global aesthetic devices market is expected to witness aggressive growth in the time to come. The emergence of biologics, lasers, and targeted therapies and the rising prevalence of skin diseases such as acne, eczema, and skin cancer have enabled clinics to provide patients with a wide range of services. As the population is becoming increasingly health-conscious, technology is playing a vital role. Interestingly enough, the world is also witnessing some of the most innovative shifts in the dermatological space. The dermatology devices market was valued at USD 12,849 million in 2020, and it is expected to reach USD 26,050 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 12.5% during the forecast period.

The induction of full-body imaging techniques enables clinical organizations to identify ailments at a faster rate and tend to them effectively. When integrated with advanced image processing technology, smart derma software can take a full body scan and render a 3D image of the patient. These images are then studied periodically to assess the onset of skin cancer. This is achieved with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, backed by the vast amount of data and expertise of dermatologists. Rapid prototyping technology in dermatology can help to 3D print synthetic skin grafts and help in curbing tissue shortages.

It is becoming imperative for organizations to arm themselves with the latest and innovative technologies in the market amid trends making a wave in the dermatology arena. In order to assist clinical organizations with such solution providers, MedTech Outlook has compiled a list of some of the prominent Aesthetic Devices Providers to increase the chances of success. Besides, the magazine provides insights from subject matter experts and CXOs on the latest trends, best practices and innovations.

We present to you MedTech Outlook’s “Top 10 Aesthetic Devices Providers in APAC – 2022.”

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Guangzhou Longest Science and Technology Co. Ltd, located in Guangzhou Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, China is a leading manufacturer and marketer of physiotherapy and rehabilitation appliances. As a professional manufacturer, Longest has always stood in the foreground of industry, trying every inch to meet the growing rehabilitation needs of its users

Offers innovative, safe, cost effective and high efficiency laser systems for medical and aesthetic applications.

Beijing Toplaser Technology Co.,Ltd has always been taking the lead in the R&D and manufacture of high-tech aesthetic device in China.Through decades of years' development, Toplaser is growing into an international-oriented company with great popularity and high reputation among our customers both at home and abroad. A full service chain has been established from Proto-type Designs, Quantity Production, Quality Control to Logistics and Technical Support to supply top-level services to our consumers. Up to now, toplaser beauty machines can be beheld in every corner of the world. And we are delighted to share state-of-art technology with everyone in pursuit of beauty and bring back youth to human. Toplaser was established in 1992, and is growing into an international company with more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of OEM & ODM Beauty Machine manufacture. The company has established the full process from proto-type Designs, Quantity Production, Quality Control, to Logistics and Techical Support

ASPIOON is a novel company pursuing innovative aesthetic lasers systematically. ASPIOON team has been focusing on the service of the medical and aesthetic fields for 10+ years, and developing the best products to provide new minimally invasive aesthetic surgical solutions and laser assisted dermatology solutions to users worldwide. The company plans to establish aesthetic laser education centers in collaboration with the world's top medical institutions. To conduct laser-based, scalpel-free minimally invasive precision surgery, establish industry standards for new aesthetic laser technology, bring the world a storm by spreading new laser technologies and concepts from China

Dimyth Beauty Equipment Manufacturer is established in 2008, engaged in research & development, sales and after-sales services of aesthetic devices & medical laser equipments. Cooperating with thousands of beauty salons, spa, beauty shops, also dealers resell our products across our country and wordwide, growing into the nation’s large and leading provider of beauty services. Owing to such great feats, Dimyth has expanded its service capabilities and product lines. This success has allowed the company to quickly expand its service capabilities, product lines and training to better meet the needs of its clients

HSC is a leading manufacturer of aesthetic medical devices since 1998 with worldwide range of skincare and body sculpting device s such as HIFU, Injector, Cavitation, RF machine, Electroporation, Ultrasound, Skin scrubber, Scalp treatment. The company offers HIFU, an aesthetic device, that facilitates skin rejuvenation in epi-dermis, dermis, SMAS layer and cellulite reduction in subcutaneous layer. The thermal coagulation point reaches to 60~80˚ instantly on the intended depth. The energy leads to self-healing process (4 stages): coagulation, reactive, regeneration, and remodeling

JONTE has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of light-based aesthetic and medical treatment systems in China since 2004. Its products and service are widely used in private hospitals, cosmetic clinics and aesthetic centers, with a large range of treatments for skin rejuvenation, hair removal as well as body contouring. JONTE's comprehensive range of award-winning equipments and supportive services ensure that the highest standards are met in every aspect of business operation which provides its clients and their customers with high value of money, and above all, superb treatments, training and business support. With JONTE as part of an aesthetic business, clients can inspire and empower their customers to enhance their natural beauty and improve their quality of life with safe, predictable and effective treatments

K1MED has developed and manufactured Piezo type E.S.W.T handle that arranges piezo electronic elements on the curved handle inside and focus the energy on one point for the first time in South Korea. Piezo electronic cells are arranged on curved part of the handle and All the ultrasound energy from the electronic cells are focused on the one accurate point. To control the target depth of the energy, gel pads can be applied above the handle. This type of machine can deliver the energy & Stimulation on the preferred area. Because this type is much better than one-piece piezo electron type as it generates more powerful focal sound pressure not to cause burn on skin and to serve the maximum treatment effect. Based on the quality, technology and customer satisfaction, K1MED has established its position in the industry since its foundation in 2006

TSZEN company pursue the development of aesthtic devices as a pioneer in the beauty and beauty equipment industry. Having realized beauty and happiness of life that humanity pursues are based on deep trust with superior quality, TSZEN with its advanced set of technologies and know-how, offers innovative and advanced medical/beauty equipment with excellent anti-aging function. True science is the philosophy and the aim of TSZEN to convey the happiness of its customers with the quality and professionalism of its products. As a pioneer in the field of medical equipment that makes human life happier by supplying laser equipment, slimming device, aesthetic device, and solutions that meet various market needs of medical and aesthetic fields with stable quality and competitive price to worldwide market, TSZEN will strive to develop science and develop innovative products

Established in 1999, Beijing Sincoheren S&T Development co., Ltd. is one of the largest and the earliest professional hi-tech manufacturers of medical and aesthetic equipments. Also, Sincoheren S&T Development supplies Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) Laser machine, CO2 Laser machine, 808nm diode Laser machine, Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser machine, Coolplas fat freezing slimming machine, RF slimming machine, and more. The company specializes in manufacturing skin, hair-removal, as well as body-slimming treatment equipments. Renowned brands such as Kuma, Coolplas and Monaliza are partners with Sincoheren S&T Development. The company has its Search & Development Department, Factory, International Sales Department, Overseas Distributors and After Sales Department. In addition, the company provide OEM and ODM services based on its clients'​ needs

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Top Aesthetic Devices Companies APAC

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