The 8 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs in 2024

Instead of spending thousands on a hard-sided hot tub, try an inflatable option that works just as well.

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The 8 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs in 2024

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Hot tubs are a luxury at any time of year, but they’re especially wonderful in the colder months. However, they also tend to be thousands of dollars and require a lot of set-up to get them working properly. Luckily, there are other options for those who live in rentals or simply don’t want to pay a hefty price: inflatable hot tubs. 

The best inflatable hot tubs work just as well as hard-sided options, but generally run under $1000. They’re able to go up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, can be kept running all season long, and can even come large enough to fit six or more people at a time.

We spoke to Matt Giovanisci, founder of, who noted some other reasons why you might want to spring for an inflatable option. “Most large hot tubs need a concrete pad or a reinforced deck to hold its weight. And they're powered by 220v which requires a special connection installed by a licensed electrician. But an inflatable hot tub is more flexible. It only requires a standard outlet.” 

After looking at many available options, we made a list of the eight best inflatable hot tubs on the market for all sorts of needs and budgets.

This hot tub by Bestway has all of the essential features, like Title 20 compliance and freeze protection, as well as some nice add ons like cupholders.

It doesn’t have LED lights like some similar models, which is surprising given the higher price.

Finding the best inflatable hot tub proved to be a bit of a challenge, because it had to have two essential features: It needed to be Title 20 compliant (a regulation having to do with energy efficiency) and therefore able to be shipped to all 50 states, and it needed to have protection against cold weather. Because it checks those boxes—in addition to some other promising features—our pick for best inflatable hot tub goes to the Bestway SaluSpa Budapest hot tub. 

The Title 20 compliance comes in the form of an EnergySense cover that’s 40% more efficient than the standard covers that typically come with hot tubs. This traps heat in, keeping the water warm even when not in use, and saving the consumer money on energy bills, too. The Budapest hot tub also features the brand’s proprietary automatic heating technology that traps the heat inside and protects the hot tub’s liner in order to be used in cold weather. It’ll keep the tub between 42 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit at all times in order to keep the parts from freezing up in cold winter weather. 

The hot tub also has additional impressive specs surrounding its functionality. It fits up to six people, meaning that it’s a roomy tub, but it still weighs under 100 pounds without water. It needs no tools to set up: the user simply attaches the included pump and lets the tub inflate; that pump also runs the filtration and is reachable from inside the spa, so adjustments can be made while the tub is in use. It has a dispenser that evenly disperses the proper amount of chlorine, as well as a circuit interrupter that protects the user against electric shocks. Finally, it's made of a durable three-layered material that’s puncture-, tear- and stretch-resistant for additional longevity.

Finally, there are 140 jets that produce warm air bubbles (which is on the lower end, as some tubs can have around 180) and provide the same comforting massage that the hard-shell counterparts are known for. There are cup holders around the edges for snacks and drinks, two massage jet levels, a power-saving timer, an easy-to-read control panel, and the ability to connect to an app that makes it controllable from a smartphone. Perhaps the only missing features are LED lights for added ambience during nighttime use, although that can easily be remedied with the purchase of submersible water lights.

Product Details: Dimensions: 77.17 x 77.17 x 25.98 inches | Water Capacity: 240 gallons | Max Occupancy: 6 people | Number of Jets: 140 | Max Temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit | Weight: 99.8 pounds

This Coleman option has a lot of nice features, including a whopping 180 jets, but is around 100 dollars less than our top pick.

You can’t use this option in weather under 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Coleman SaluSpa is the best inflatable hot tub we found at a relatively lower price that is still Title 20 compliant and has some protections against colder weather. However, while it has a Freeze Shield similar to that of our top pick to keep the interior components from freezing, the tub cannot be used when outside temperatures hit 39 degrees Fahrenheit or less. 

Now, on to the other positives. The tub features a dispenser that evenly distributes the appropriate amount of chlorine. It’s made with a durable material that’s evenly cushioned on the bottom for comfortable seating, and is made to prevent stretching or changing shape after numerous inflations and deflations. Plus, it has 180 jets and fits up to seven people. Another nice feature is the addition of two comfortable carrying handles— at 82 pounds, it should be fairly easy for two people to move this around when needed. 

Users should also note that the energy-efficient cover does not come with the option available at Walmart (it does come with a cover, just not the one needed to be compliant in some US states), so consumers in the affected states should use other vendors to purchase. 

Product Details: Dimensions: 85.04 x 85.04 x 27.95 inches | Water Capacity: 314 gallons | Max Occupancy: 7 | Number of Jets: 180 | Max Temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit | Weight: 82.47 pounds

This hot tub from MSpa is beautifully constructed with thinner, more rigid walls than other inflatable models for a look that resembles non-inflatable hot tubs.

Although it does have some high-tech features, the price increase likely comes from its pleasing aesthetic, so users who aren’t concerned with that might not love this hot tub.

We knew that the best inflatable hot tub worth a splurge would likely not look like an inflatable hot tub, and the MSpa fits the bill, with beautiful champagne accents and thin, rigid walls that are even resistant to pet scratches. It also has a control box that has a protective cover to guard it from the elements and keep its sleek exterior. 

The MSpa Mono fits six people comfortably with its 138 bubble jets, and has a number of high-tech details that make it worth the money. It can be connected to an app to allow the user to control the tub through a phone, for example. And it has a few different protections in place in order to keep the water clean and safe: it comes with a sanitizing device that helps rid the water of 60 different microorganisms and pathogens, as well as a built-in ozone generator. The generator helps to kill Giardia, Cryptosporidium, parasites, fungi, molds and other bacteria or viruses. The brand claims it’s more effective than chlorine, with visibly quicker results. 

There are also other protective features, such as smart filtration (although we should note it needs to be swapped every three to five days when the tub is running), an automatic heat feature that protects the system and its pipes when external temperatures dip to 33 degrees Fahrenheit, and an inner liner made of antibacterial fabric. A child-lock feature locks the controller, and there’s a timer, three massage jet settings, and whisper-quiet operation. 

If you’re watching your budget, it’s worth noting that, while it does have some high-tech features compared to other inflatable hot tubs, the bulk of the price increase is likely due to the aesthetic. If that’s not important to you, you can probably save some money by opting for another pick.

Product Details: Dimensions: 68 x 68 x 26 inches | Water Capacity: 245 gallons | Max Occupancy: 6 |Number of Jets: 138 | Max Temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit | Weight: 82.7 pounds

This is an affordable, basic option that’s perfect for a smaller household, as it fits up to four people but is ideal for two.

You’ll need to purchase a separate energy-efficient cover if you want this shipped to some states, or else the order might get canceled.

This Intex Simple spa is the best inflatable hot tub for one or two people; it’s small, and affordable, but still has most of the features you’d want. With 100 jets and a temperature range of 68 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it can rise up to 3 degrees Fahrenheit an hour, too. It has an adjustable panel on the side for easy control and even has a hard water system built in to make the water pretty gentle on clothes, hair, and bathing suits. 

The Intex Simple Spa comes with a thermal ground cloth that’s insulated to prevent heat loss, as well to protect the hot tub from external damage. The exterior is also made from a strong PVC material that features a mesh cover for additional security against scratches and tears. Plus, there’s a floating chemical dispenser for chlorine tablets, as well as two replaceable filter cartridges. 

It’s a relatively small inflatable hot tub—it’s inner diameter is 57 inches, which you can compare to our top pick’s more roomy 67 inches, and it holds 210 gallons of water instead of the more standard 240 gallons and up—but it’s a great size for two or three people.  And while it doesn’t have the fancy perks of some of our other options, it still heats up nicely. We should note that in some states, you will have to purchase an energy-efficient cover along with the hot tub to ensure it will be shipped out and the order won’t be canceled.

Product Details: Dimensions: 77 x 77 x 26 inches | Water Capacity: 210 gallons | Max Occupancy: 4 | Number of Jets: 100 | Max Temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit | Weight: 89.8 pounds

This square inflatable hot tub has a few headrests and a multicolored LED light that makes it perfect for a group.

This hot tub isn’t intended for freezing temperatures.

The best inflatable hot tub for a crowd should have a high number of jets and some features that will keep the party going for a long time. The Intex PureSpa Plus has 170 high-powered bubble jets and two spa headrests, as well as color-changing LED lights that add both visibility at night and some serious ambience. Plus, with the ability to connect to an app, you can start heating up the water well before your guests arrive, even if you’re out buying party supplies. It’ll allow you to schedule and time when the tub turns on, too.

The built-in water softener keeps hair and skin soft, even if you sit in the tub all weekend long. Additionally, the saltwater system provides water sanitation and the conditioning system reduces calcium build-up, which will ensure the tub works like new for a long time. The three-ply laminate PVC material is made of thousands of fibers that are puncture-resistant, which also help to provide support, allow the hot tub to keep its shape, and keep it well-maintained. 

It’s available to ship to all 50 states, thanks to a high-density, thermal-resistant locking cover that protects from weather damage and is supposed to be 59% more energy efficient than regular covers. The tub comes with four filter cartridges, a test strip to see how your water is doing, a floating chlorine dispenser, and a thermal ground cloth. Please note that it’s not made for freezing temperatures, and because it holds a lot of water (290 gallons!), it only heats up at a rate of 1 to 2 degrees Fahrenheit an hour, which is on the slower side. 

Product Details: Dimensions: 77 x 77 x 28 | Water Capacity: 290 gallons | Max Occupancy: 6 | Number of Jets: 170 | Max Temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit | Weight: 131.7 pounds

The fun LED lights, which cycle through five colors and automatically turn off after two hours, are unique among Bestway tubs.

Don’t forget batteries to turn on the lights, as they don’t come included.

This 242-gallon hot tub cycles through five colors—white, green, teal, purple, and blue—which are perfect to light up the night and add an even more relaxing ambience to the experience. They’ll need three AAA batteries to work, which aren’t included. The tub also features some nice decorative elements, including an inner wall with a classic mosaic pattern and an exterior with a light gray rattan print. 

Other notable features are an integrated water filtration system to keep the hot tub clear and clean, as well as an automatic heating system. It has 114 jets and should fit up to six people, with temperatures reaching up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with a repair kit to fix any tears, although the plastic frame and Tritech material provide a puncture-resistant experience and won’t lose their shape. Bear in mind that it does require some tools to get this hot tub assembled. 

The tub is best used on a concrete slab or wooden deck. While it's made by popular brand Bestway (which has been heavily featured on this list), its most unique feature is the lights: most models in the brand’s lineup don’t have LED lights at all. They’ll turn off automatically after two hours, too. 

Product Details: Dimensions:  78 x 78 x 27.5 inches | Water Capacity: 242 gallons | Max Occupancy: 6 | Number of Jets: 114 | Max Temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit | Weight: 73.59 pounds

It’s one of the few options that can be maintained at colder temperatures thanks to an automatic heating function to protect the hot tub’s interior.

It’s on the smaller side, with a maximum occupancy of four people at a time.

It’s fairly difficult to find an inflatable hot tub that can withstand temperatures under 39 degrees Fahrenheit— without the proper protections in place, consumers run the risk of damage. But the Bestway Zurich has something called FreezeShield, an automatic heating function that prevents the inner components of the hot tub, like the filter, from freezing or getting damaged when the temperature drops. 

Plus, the energy-efficient thermal cover makes it compliant with some state regulations while providing even more protection from the elements. Additionally, the tough fabric is both stretch- and tear-resistant through many years of use. With 120 jets, a cushioned floor, and cup holders, it’s a nice option for winter lounging. Although it doesn’t come with LED lights, you could always buy them separately for days that turn into nights earlier and earlier. 

It has most of the same specs as our top pick, but note that it’s much smaller despite being a similar price. Other features of note include the automatic distribution of chlorine to ensure water stays as clean as possible, and it also comes with a patch repair kit. There’s a convenient drain valve located at the hot tub’s bottom.

Product Details: Dimensions: 71 x 71 x 26 inches | Water Capacity: 177 gallons | Max Occupancy: 4 | Number of Jets: 120 | Max Temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit | Weight: 74 pounds

The addition of padded seats elevates the comfort factor of this inflatable hot tub above many of our other top picks.

Although it says it fits six people, its water capacity is low at 158 gallons—our guess is it would be better for four.

If you want to level up your comfort significantly, the best inflatable hot tub is one that has cushioned seating, just like this option from Relxtime. The tub comes with four cushioned spa seats for the ultimate relaxing experience—and it even has a soft foot pad. And while that’s perhaps the most unique feature of the tub, it’s certainly not the only good part. It has a built-in water filtration system and comes with an energy-saving spa cover to allow it to be shipped to all 50 states. It also has a handy minimum and maximum water line on the side so there’s no guesswork when it comes to filling it up.

The 130 jets pump out air bubbles and the temperature goes up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also be used in colder temperatures, thanks to its freeze protection—it will safely work in external temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. The touchscreen display is easy to use, and it will inflate and deflate in minutes, so it’s a fairly easy process to get set up. 

There’s also a drain valve right on the side that’s easy to unscrew and release, as well as two handles for easy transport. Another nice bonus are the included accessories that include a cup holder, 20 water test strips, two PVC patches, a barometer, and two covers. Although it says it seats up to six people, the low water capacity (158 gallons) has us thinking it would be better for four.

Product Details: Dimensions: 73 x 73 x 25.6 | Water Capacity: 158 gallons | Max Occupancy: 6 | Number of Jets: 130 | Max Temperature: 104 degrees Fahrenheit | Weight: 63 pounds

The Bestway SaluSpa Budapest Inflatable Hot Tub Spa is our choice for the best inflatable hot tub. It fits up to six people, can be used in colder temperatures, and comes with an energy-efficient cover that makes it compliant with some state’s stricter energy efficiency laws.

The size of a hot tub can be best determined by the water capacity. While most hot tubs have similar dimensions, the interior diameter can vary in size. As a rule of thumb, the capacity listed will fill up 80% of the interior diameter. For inflatable hot tubs with a six-person maximum, the water capacity is generally around 240 gallons. For four people, the water capacity will likely be under 200, while seven or more will generally mean a capacity of up to 300.

The maximum listed truly is a maximum—you can generally expect the tightest squeeze when you’re hitting that number. So if you’re buying an inflatable hot tub with a capacity of six people, it’ll likely be most comfortable when there are four people or fewer people inside. With that being said, consider the size of your household when purchasing—a household with two people will likely want a tub with a four person minimum, etc.

Jets refer to the mix of air and water that cause the bubbly, soothing hallmark of a hot tub. Most inflatable options have over 100 jets, with higher numbers reaching around 180. This is more about preference than a true better or worse option—the more jets, the more bubbles there will be. Some tubs also have adjustable jet pressure settings, so the consumer has more control. Still, unless the number feels unusually low, most will feel similar. 

All of the inflatable hot tubs on this list have a max temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. In our research, we didn’t find any models that got hotter than this. However, there are a few other temperatures to consider when shopping for the best inflatable hot tub: the minimum temperature outside and the increase of temperature per hour. 

Some models, for instance, are not recommended for use in outside temperatures under 39 degrees Fahrenheit because they have no protections in place for intense cold. Most hot tubs rise at a rate of around 1-3 degrees Fahrenheit per hour when heating—this spec may be worth paying attention to, as it gives you an idea of how long it takes for the tub to become usable. It’s generally correlated with size, as it will take longer to heat up a larger tub. 

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing an inflatable hot tub is that some states require them to be APSP-14 and Title 20 compliant or else you won’t be able to have them shipped to your house. If you’re in an affected state, the cover that comes with the tub needs to meet certain specifications having to do with energy efficiency. If an EnergySense cover is not included with an inflatable hot tub, it won’t be able to ship to addresses in California, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Oregon, and Rhode Island. 

Another special feature to consider is protection against cold weather. If you’re in a cold climate and would like to use the tub during the winter, the best inflatable hot tub will automatically heat up to protect the filter and inner parts from freezing up and breaking. If your pick doesn’t have this feature, you won’t be able to use it when temperatures dip below 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another note: while inflatable hot tubs don’t typically come with outdoor stairs to help you climb in and out, you’ll likely want to purchase a set separately.

“Depending on the quality of the make and model, it can last many years. Taking care of your inflatable hot tub is just like any other hot tub. You want to make sure you pH and alkalinity are always balanced and your sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) is always at the ideal range,” Giovanisci says. To ensure that your tub is well-maintained, Giovanisci recommends that users keep “chlorine in range, wiping down the cover and inside of the hot tub to reduce calcium buildup and scum, and deep clean your filters at least once a month using a filter cleaner.”

Round and square inflatable hot tubs don’t inherently work differently than one another, so it’s a personal choice that should be made in accordance with your space and aesthetic preferences. Both are featured on our list, though round hot tubs are represented more frequently simply because they tend to be more common. 

Yes—but only if they are properly equipped with an automatic heating function that prevents the inner components from freezing when temperatures get too cold. If that’s not available with the inflatable hot tub you’re looking at, it won’t handle temperatures under 39 degrees Fahrenheit. “If you keep a cover on it and it's always running, the best time to relax is when it's actively snowing,” Giovanisci adds.

If hot tubs are going to go on sale for less than full price, it’ll likely be in the colder months of the fall or winter. Plus, if you plan on buying an option with freeze protection, this could be a great time to purchase. 

If you’re actively using an inflatable hot tub, it should be kept on at all times. “If you don't plan on running it, I would deflate and pack away. Otherwise you run the risk of dirty water or freezing, ” Giovanisci notes.

Alida Nugent is a commerce writer with over 10 years of media experience. She researched weather stations for this piece, including speaking to Dr. Bernhardt of Hofstra University.

The 8 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs in 2024

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